Why We Give

Write a headline about the impact giving at your church makes.

This paragraph describes the role giving plays in your church. Think about the way you talk about giving on a Sunday morning and use that same language here in this paragraph. We want to make sure we let people know not only are we thankful for their generosity, but they are also making a legitimate impact when they give.

Text Giving

We make text giving simple. Click the button below to open up a text message in your texting app. You can also send a text to 84321.

Input your amount and click send then follow the instructions you get back to setup your account.

Online Giving

Write a sentence or two about how easy online giving is. Reassure the reader that online giving is safe, secure, and helps your church in specific ways.

Give on Sundays

Write a sentence about what giving on Sunday mornings looks like.

Give by Mail

When you can’t make it to a service or give online, you can mail a check to:

Your Church
1234 This Road
Your Town, ST 56789

Have questions about giving?

Giving Questions

Rebecca Welton – Executive Director