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Headline about how you help disciple students where they are

Thrive Students

Write a sentence about the problem students are facing in regards to growing up following Jesus.

In this sentence, emphasize and agitate the problem you’re trying to help solve.

Then in this paragraph, show empathy and talk about how you’re going to help students through that problem. The tricky thing about this paragraph is you’re writing to the parents about their students. Most people make big mistake here and write as if the students are the audience.

You can mention the options you have for them and cast a vision for the success you want them to experience.

Finally, use this sentence to set up the three success points below:

Write a sentence about the success they'll experience in your ministry.

Write another sentence about the success they'll experience in your ministry.

Write a third sentence about the success they'll experience in your ministry.

Write a brief statement about the problem students face.

Now write the exact opposite of that problem.

Wednesdays | 7:30–9:00pm

Name of Weekly Event

This description should follow the format of problem + solution + success. Start with a sentence about the problem this ministry solves.

Next, write a couple sentences about your solution. Describe the weekly event, what the college student will experience, and why they should show up.

Finally, cast a one-sentence vision of the success they’ll experience once they start attending.

If you don’t have a welcome video for the left here, you can swap this out for a picture. A video showing you how is in your User Guide.

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