Write an empathetic statement about walking into a new church.

This paragraph is all about how we want to take away any anxiety a new person might have on their first Sunday with us. The entire goal is to make them comfortable before they walk in the door.

In this paragraph, tell them what they can do if they still have questions after reading through this page.

Service Times & Location


1234 This Road
Our Town, ST 56789

Service Times

Sundays | 9AM + 11AM

Things you can expect

What’s a Sunday like?

For Adults

This section is all about what Adults will experience on a Sunday morning. Use this space to describe was a typical service is like, especially if you have a regular order of service.

You can also talk about any welcome center you might have, a coffee area, or anything else someone would experience when they came to your building.

People are nervous when they show up. This is your opportunity to tell them everything they’ll do from parking to the lobby to the service so they can have confidence knowing they’re doing it right when they get there on Sunday morning.

For Kids

This is your introduction to your Kids Ministry. Start by telling people where the Kids drop off is and what check-in looks like. Remember – what might seem normal for you could very well be scary to them. Be empathetic and understanding.

After writing about check-in, give a brief rundown of what their kids will experience in your Kids Ministry. Talk about the songs you sing or the way your volunteers teach the Bible to kids on their level.

An easy trick in this section is to take some of the information you write on your Kids Ministry page and repurpose it here. People need to read the same thing in multiple ways to truly understand, so you’re actually helping them out by repurposing the same ideas in multiple places.

For Students

This is just like the section for Kids. If you have something for students on a Sunday morning, put all the details here. If you don’t, talk a little bit about why and how you integrate students into the Sunday morning service and how you see their role as an integral part of your church.

In the second paragraph you can mention the services or programs you have for students. Repurpose some of the content from your Students page here so people will see it in multiple formats and locations.

How to get connected at Your Church

Visit This Sunday

Experience who we are and what we’re about

Attend Salem Connect

See why we do what we do and how you can play a part

Join a Group/Serve/Fill In Blank

Write your description of this third step here

Catch up on last week’s teaching